Generate leads and rent out your SERPs on autopilot.

X-Ray Serp makes it easy to manage human-worthy overlays while maintaining your Google rank. Overlays are SERP-safe and responsive across mobile and desktop environments. And with all-new QuickSite layers in version 6, you'll create a lead-gen optimized overlay in less than 5 minutes!

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SERP Safe.

X-Ray Serp is search engine safe and does not incur a Google penalty.

Mobile layers.

Overlays are mobile-friendly and responsive across different screens.

Fast load times.

Version 6 has been rewritten ground-up and reduces load time up to 40%.

Lead gen ready.

QuickSite layers are trust-optimized and easily configurable to attract leads.

Optimize your content for SERPs. And humans.

Search engine rankings depend on carefully maintained, indexable content...not always suited to human eyes and getting opt-ins.
X-Ray Serp puts your human-optimized layer on top so Google can have it's cake...and real people can have their cake too.

affiliate offer overlays

Load different affiliate offers on each page

With X-Ray Serp you can put different overlays on each and every page of your money site. You can save different overlays for individual pages, posts, or specify a whole range with just a keystroke.

Rent niche Google ranks to local businesses

Once you rank your money site on the first page of Google, it's a prime traffic source for local businesses. Rent out top-ranked pages in your niche to local business owners eager to get targeted search traffic.

rent SERP rankings
rent SERP rankings

Easily overlay 30,000 pages with like 2 clicks

You can put an overlay on the whole site, a whole category, or tens of thousands of pages, or each page or post on it's takes the same :30 seconds whether you're overlaying 3 pages or 30,000 pages.

Setup QuickSite lead-gen overlays in 5 minutes

All-new in version 6 are QuickSite overlays: Layers aimed at lead generation. QuickSite layers are fully configurable single-page "website" overlays that include click-to-click, Google Maps, and more.

rent SERP rankings

How does it work?

X-Ray Serp is designed to easily and even passively monetize SERP sites.


Build & rank your local niche site

X-Ray Serp can easily help you monetize search engine rankings and CPC traffic.


Activate & configure X-Ray Serp 6

Configure basic settings, auto-hide overlays from search engines, and more.


Setup auto rental or add a QuickSite

Generate income through local Rank & Rent or lead generation strategies.


Rent your SERP rank or sell leads

High-end niches generate more income from more valuable leads and traffic.

What's the potential?

Monetizing your local niche website is easy and instant with X-Ray Serp, and the potential is limitless.

Using lead generation and rank & rent strategies you can monetize a single website for $1,000, $2,000, or more almost entirely passively.

Imagine if you create and monetize 5, 10, or twenty of those bad boys...

...some users have over 30 sites running.

Scenario #1

Imagine you have a site ranking #1 in the commercial roofing niche in a major city...

You maintain your rank with evergreen SEO strategies (citations, safe backlinks, on-page content, etc). The key is you control the on-page content to optimize results.

Contacting local businesses, you offer to rent out your position for a flat fee of $350 per month - local businesses owners know the value of incoming traffic, and the profit from even one conversion (easily over $10,000), so $350, or more, is cheap for the potential return.

You use X-Ray Serp to put his URL in an overlay on your website, and he instantly begins benefiting from the top-rank traffic.

Scenario #2

Let's say you run CPC/PPL campaigns using Facebook Ads or Google Adwords...

Using QuickSite's lead-gen themes, you begin to get leads from visitors looking for more information, and many ready to buy. With an conversion rate of 5% and traffic over 1,000 a month, you have 50 leads.

You approach local businesses owners in your target niche, let's say flood damage repair, and offer your list of leads for $45 each, or $40 if they buy more than, say, ten.

With a single conversion the business owner knows they will recoup the entire cost of your bill, and you sell him 50 leads for $20 each for a profit of $1,000.

Our customers love us.

Some of our users have been with us since the beginning and use X-Ray Serp on money sites with over 30,000 pages.
X-Ray Serp is one of the main tools they use to drive their business model and generate income.

Lock in super low pricing for a limited time.

As part of our fantastic Version 6* rollout we're substantially dropping the price on every version for a limited time.

Plus, we're excited to introduce annual pricing on ATOMIC so you'll get a savings of 18.6%.

Lock in this low pricing now and keep it forever and for all future updates!

Low Price

$47/ once Usually $95

  • Unlimited Activations
  • Autopilot Rental
  • Link-activated Trials
  • URL Overlay
  • QuickSite Overlay
  • Instant Activity Notifications
  • Auto-hide from Search Engines
  • Whole Site Overlay
  • Whole Category Overlay
  • Page & Post Overlay
  • 90 Days Support
Low Price

$17/ mo Usually $35 /mo.

  • Unlimited Activations
  • Autopilot Rental
  • Link-activated Trials
  • URL Overlay
  • QuickSite Overlay
  • Instant Activity Notifications
  • Auto-hide from Search Engines
  • Whole Site Overlay
  • Whole Category Overlay
  • Page & Post Overlay
  • Unlimited Support

5 Day Free Trial
SAVE 33.44%

$199/yr Usually $299 /yr.

  • Unlimited Activations
  • Autopilot Rental
  • Link-activated Trials
  • URL Overlay
  • QuickSite Overlay
  • Instant Activity Notifications
  • Auto-hide from Search Engines
  • Whole Site Overlay
  • Whole Category Overlay
  • Page & Post Overlay
  • Unlimited Support

For every question, there's an answer.

The most common questions are all covered in the Q&A below. If you still wonder about something, feel free to drop us a line.

Does X-Ray Serp have a free trial period?

Yes. You'll get a 5-day trial totally free and with every feature unlocked. Simply cancel within the trial and you'll never be billed.

Can I switch plans later?

Absolutely. You can manage your plan from your X-Ray Serp account and any balance is retroactively applied.

Can I install X-Ray Serp on unlimited websites?

Yes. There is no activation limit on any version of X-Ray Serp - you pay once and make as much money as you want.

Are there any incompatibilities?

Plugins and themes with heavy scripting or visual affects are more likely to cause compatibility problems - but that doesn't mean they will. For example, the Avada theme causes interference with some backend functioning.

How fast does it load?

X-Ray Serp already loads quick, but a URL overlay will load less fast than a QuickSite overlay because it's pulling in a whole second website. Fast hosting, like SSD hosting, makes a big difference.

Are overlays affected by Google's Obtrusive Ads update?

X-Ray Serp overlays are not penalized. Other overlay software may be, so if you go with one of them check it out thoroughly.

Does X-Ray Serp work on mobile screens?

It sure does! We don't alienate anyone...desktop, tablet, or phone.

Some overlay software removes content. Does X-Ray Serp?

Good grief no. Doing that is called "cloaking" and it is actively penalized by Google. X-Ray Serp does not alter or modify your underlying content in any way.

Does Google Penalize X-Ray Serp Overlays?

No. While Google may change the algorithm in the future, you will currently not be penalized for using an X-Ray Serp overlay. Other overlay plugins may incur penalties because of the way they handle your content.

Do I get upgrades?

Absolutely yes and absolutely free. :)

Are there any system requirements?

Your web host will need to have PHP 5.4 (we recommend A2 hosting) or higher and you need Wordpress 4.2 or higher.

Affiliates start with a 50% commission.

Earn 50% of every. single. transaction...and it goes up the more subscribers you send.

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*It takes like 2 minutes.

Our highest paid affiliate ran a promotion and brought in over $1,174 in less than 3 days.*

Because the main version of X-Ray Serp is a monthly subscription, you'll earn a commission every month, effectively earning recurring commission on autopilot. The great thing is, we handle support so all you have to do is send people here using your affiliate link and every conversion is pure gravy with no added stress or hassle.

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