How Does X-Ray Serp Resolve Conflicts with Settings?

X-Ray Serp gives you the option to save different settings for price, term, and scope (scope is Page/Posts, Categories, and Site). Sometimes these settings overlap, for example if you save a default pricing structure but specify a different structure for specific pages.

How Does X-Ray Serp Decide Which Pricing Structure To Use?

X-Ray Serp will always give priority to more specific settings, from the page/post level, to the category level, to the whole site, or default, level. Default pricing settings can be updated from the X-Ray Serp > Settings > Payments & Checkout settings page.

To add specific pricing settings for Pages, Posts, and Categories, add a new pricing structure from X-Ray Serp > Pricing > +

*X-Ray Serp does not currently support Tag-based pricing or overlay.

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